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Company profile

Foshan city jie industrial co., LTD. Is an authentic Taiwan technology,And in China Set up production bases and marketing headquarters lu specialized in manufacturing sales of aluminium alloy ladder。

Company has many years experience of ladder with professional and technical personnel、Constantly set itself Meter manufacturing new innovation、Multi-purpose ladder series。The existing agricultural ladder、Engineering of ladder、Decorate Ladder、The elevator special ladder、Multi-function ladder、Elevator etc series products。

The product adopts high precision grade aluminum alloy new material manufacturing、According to the international standard manufacturing technology in Taiwan And into。Ladder with beautiful appearance and easy,A variety of colors,It is easy to operate,Security、Solid、 And durable。Products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and throughout the country,Favored by the majority of users praise。

Safe brand interpretation:

Ann——Security:Security(The actual thickness of aluminum1.2mm-2.5mmJoint metal rivets、Screw Silk locknut is fixed、Patent design of parallel bars)

Steady——Solid(Every order positioning by welding is not loose、Can lock screw locknut、Double squeeze Pressure is not loose)

Resistance——And durable(High precision grade aluminum alloy new material manufacturing、According to the international standard manufacturing technology in Taiwan Into)

Stable resistance to honor

Frequently asked questions

How to choose the aluminum ladder safety、Solid、And durable,...
Answer:Exquisite workmanship(Welding、Screw positioning、Button hole)Material quality is closely linked,The material thickness、Material wary of recycled material,The new environmental protection and stable,Today there is a do engineering people come to me,A staff asked him how
A variety of the ladder a variety of performance,How much you know?Again...
       Ladder with the use of in the present many industries is very popular,But do you really know how to choose a suitable for their own safety
What is the invisible ladder?There are several kinds
 The stairs can make us to high,Nothing can do without the stairs in architecture,In the home is the same,You can not do without a ladder,As we all know the use of a ladder,But what is called
The identification of the ladder harmful factors
(l)In the first place,Consider any other alternative method is more stable,To consider:The nature of the work and the last time,Operation level,How to reach the level,Need to what kind of equipment and materials in work height
Stable resistance to aluminum ladder told you how to use it more...
Household aluminum ladder in everyday life how to maintain?To answer them by different materials of household aluminum ladder to change how to maintenance:    1、Wooden household ladder be affected with damp be affected with damp,Wood
How to distinguish between aluminum and magnesium alloys ?
What is the space aluminum?Space aluminum material and characteristics of the space is treated by high temperature oxidation and other special aluminum magnesium alloys,Can withstand a few red high temperature or the impact of the strong,Is a kind of strength and anticorrosion performance of high aluminum
About aluminum alloy ladder design of fire prevention
Aluminum alloy ladder when by fire or heat,Easy to broken,Even big broken accident,The fire spread quickly,The big fire,Harm to personal and property safety,The so-called“Flash air duct”。
“The herringbone ladder”What are the hazards,To use“People...
Users of the word ladder safety considerations 2 Recommend it Users should be before word ladder:1、   Using of the word climbing the ladder personnel must go through security department work safety training;2、  
The herringbone ladder height can't more than how many meters?
Aluminum alloy ladder manufacturer production generally can't more than at present12M,Factory production is generally not more than12M,12Meters below is safe level!According to theJGJ59-2011Safety codes,The construction of the herringbone ladder
It is very important to building brand Small and medium-sized industry how to stairs...
 Emerging enterprises stairs,So,To the construction of stairs brand is very important。  The stairs in the building materials industry upstart already on the market after a period of wind and rain,Across the country,Or a few big firms, in the true sense
Household ladder what is a good material
The current international mainstream a ladder products including material:Aluminum alloy、Glass fiber reinforced plastic、Iron, etc。Aluminum and iron material is used for general working environment。Need insulation function will be expected to use glass fiber reinforced plastic material。Of course,The same material

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