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Pulse bag filter

Scope of application:Suitable for building materials、Metallurgy、Chemical industry、Food、Iron and steel、Mine...

Design concept:High reliability design、To adapt to the design、Air leakage prevention design、Fission structure design、Dust catcher self-cleaning system downtime、Box pulse injection structure、Design of long life、Low operating cost、Using high quality components skeleton filter bag made by cold drawn steel wire and galvanized processing、Perfect seriation design、Standardized design...

Lime kiln-Gas burning shaft kiln

The characteristic:Gas kiln heat flow、Temperature easy to control、Products of good quality、To choose a gas demand is not high、The operation is simple...

Apply a variety of fuel:Natural gas、Blast furnace gas(Calorific value≥750kcal/m³)、Converter gas、Coke oven gas、Mixed gas、Pulverized coal、Pulverized coal with gas fuel mix。

Warehouse top dust catcher

Composition:Generally speaking, vibration motor warehouse top dust catcher,Stents,Rainhat, The upper cylinder box,Electrical box,Vibration box,The filter element,Sealed box,Defend the net,Connection clamps,Welding flange,Gasket, etc

The working principle:Welding flange to the cement silo(Or other powder container)Welded together as a support for dust collector;The sealed chamber with connections clip into one box and welding flange seal joint;Vibration plate clamp in the seal between the cylinder and the upper cylinder box;Filter interference and vibration plate assembly;This is by the filter,Sealed box、Vibration plate welding flange to the cement silo formed a public filter with the upper cylinder box filtering barrel。

Magnesium oxide desulfurization

Brief introduction:In the current wet desulfurization technology has been commercialized operation of magnesia FGD technology is one kind of good prospect of the desulfurization technology,The technology is relatively mature,Less investment,Simple structure,Safety performance is good,And can reduce the secondary pollution,Desulfurizer recycling,Decrease the desulfurization cost,To save a certain economic benefits。

Shandong longquan environmental protection equipment co., LTD is located in linyi city of shandong province FuZhuang Luo Zhuang district office location,Mainly producing all kinds of cloth bag dust catcher、Ceramics factory equipment and various types of building materials equipment,Mainly used for metallurgy building materials、Cement、Chemical and other enterprises。The main products are bag dust collector、Electrostatic dust removal、Filter accessories、Energy saving gas kiln、The coal burning kiln、Desulfurization baffle valve、Belt conveyor、All kinds of steel structure workshop、Vibrating feeder、Vibrating screen。They have advanced structure,Reliable operation,Quality is reliable,Use convenient maintenance, etc are very popular with users。The quality policy:The quality for this、Leading technology、Continuously improve the good faith management、Customer satisfaction、Efficient…[Detailed content]